class openlp.core.common.versionchecker.VersionThread(main_window)[source]

Bases: PyQt5.QtCore.QThread

A special Qt thread class to fetch the version of OpenLP from the website. This is threaded so that it doesn’t affect the loading time of OpenLP.


Run the thread.


Check the latest version of OpenLP against the version file on the OpenLP site.

Rules around versions and version files:

  • If a version number has a build (i.e. -bzr1234), then it is a nightly.
  • If a version number’s minor version is an odd number, it is a development release.
  • If a version number’s minor version is an even number, it is a stable release.
Parameters:current_version – The current version of OpenLP.

Returns the application version of the running instance of OpenLP:

{'full': '1.9.4-bzr1249', 'version': '1.9.4', 'build': 'bzr1249'}