The openlp.core.common.applocation module provides an utility for OpenLP receiving the data path etc.

class openlp.core.common.applocation.AppLocation[source]

Bases: object

The AppLocation class is a static class which retrieves a directory based on the directory type.

AppDir = 1
BaseDir = None
CacheDir = 5
DataDir = 2
LanguageDir = 6
PluginsDir = 3
VersionDir = 4
static get_data_path()[source]

Return the path OpenLP stores all its data under.

static get_directory(dir_type=1)[source]

Return the appropriate directory according to the directory type.

Parameters:dir_type – The directory type you want, for instance the data directory. Default AppLocation.AppDir
static get_files(section=None, extension=None)[source]

Get a list of files from the data files path.

  • section – Defaults to None. The section of code getting the files - used to load from a section’s data subdirectory.
  • extension

    Defaults to None. The extension to search for. For example:

static get_section_data_path(section)[source]

Return the path a particular module stores its data under.