The db module provides the database and schema that is the backend for the Images plugin.

class openlp.plugins.images.lib.db.ImageFilenames[source]

Bases: openlp.core.lib.db.BaseModel

ImageFilenames model.

class openlp.plugins.images.lib.db.ImageGroups[source]

Bases: openlp.core.lib.db.BaseModel

ImageGroups model.


Setup the images database connection and initialise the database schema.


The database to setup The images database contains the following tables:

  • image_groups
  • image_filenames
image_groups Table
This table holds the names of the images groups. It has the following columns:
  • id
  • parent_id
  • group_name
image_filenames Table
This table holds the filenames of the images and the group they belong to. It has the following columns:
  • id
  • group_id
  • filename