class openlp.plugins.images.forms.addgroupform.AddGroupForm(parent=None)[source]

Bases: PyQt5.QtWidgets.QDialog, openlp.plugins.images.forms.addgroupdialog.Ui_AddGroupDialog

This class implements the ‘Add group’ form for the Images plugin.


Override the accept() method from QDialog to make sure something is entered in the text input box.

exec(clear=True, show_top_level_group=False, selected_group=None)[source]

Show the form.

  • clear – Set to False if the text input box should not be cleared when showing the dialog (default: True).
  • show_top_level_group – Set to True when “– Top level group –” should be showed as first item (default: False).
  • selected_group – The ID of the group that should be selected by default when showing the dialog.