The customplugin module contains the Plugin class for the Custom Slides plugin.

class openlp.plugins.custom.customplugin.CustomPlugin[source]

Bases: openlp.core.lib.plugin.Plugin

This plugin enables the user to create, edit and display custom slide shows. Custom shows are divided into slides. Each show is able to have it’s own theme. Custom shows are designed to replace the use of songs where the songs plugin has become restrictive. Examples could be Welcome slides, Bible Reading information, Orders of service.

static about()[source]

Time to tidy up on exit

rename_theme(old_theme, new_theme)[source]

Renames a theme the custom plugin is using making the plugin use the new name.

  • old_theme – The name of the theme the plugin should stop using.
  • new_theme – The new name the plugin should now use.

Called to define all translatable texts of the plugin


Called to find out if the custom plugin is currently using a theme.

Returns count of the times the theme is used. :param theme: Theme to be queried